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Prepared to get hitched? Beyond the handsome groom and beautiful bride, your wedding invitation would be the most compelling thing that would be noticed. My Printman set out a tone and reveal the theme of your gala day. Acrylic wedding invitations are not simply narrated about venue or time; it's more about a tantalizing glimpse of style and theme, also making your guest feel valued. If you are planning an upscale, elegant, glamorous or sophisticated affair, ensure that your wedding invitation manifests it.

Acrylic wedding cards can contemplate your theme while giving an exceptional ultra-modern design, luxe-feel and make your edgy wedding design dreams come true.

What is so special about Acrylic invitations?

Acrylic pulls vibes of luxury and can be customized in endless designs, colours and shapes. Each of these designs can be sketched as per your needs using different shades, textures, embellishments, accessories, florals and much more. You can append images, fonts, stickers, signatures, caricatures to add the warmth of personalization. Everything could be designed perfectly; all you need is the right designer that can drape the acrylic with golden or silver strokes, elegant and chic designs, and ensure it meets your requirements and stands out from the rest.

Consider price perspective

Instagram, Pinterest and the web are loaded with wedding invitations that can range from a few cents per invite to $50 or above. If you are budget constrained, then you should emphasize and consider the invitations you need to send. Acrylic wedding cards come in different budgets, and if you start early and scrutinize, you would get vendors with distinct quality and patterns that would tweak in your budget.

But before diving, you need to nail down first the guest list, jot down if you need 20 invites or 200. If you choose more stylish invitees, like laser-cut or with embellishments and glitters, you end up soaring your costs.

Incorporate wedding theme and colour scheme

If you are keen on a particular theme, like Boho, classical, monochromatic, modern or any other, one way to give a glimpse to your guests is selecting Acrylic wedding invitations that would provide them with the perfect idea. Incorporating your theme or hints on a clear base would intensify the concept. You could inject some creativity by adding laser-cut venue silhouettes or flowers, or lush green botanical leaves to complement the theme. For example, to fit into modern spring nuptials, infuse some pastel envelopes with vintage stamps that would add charm to your invitation.

Whether you are big fans of an ultra-modern design or amp up with the traditional invitation, incorporating wedding themes and sprucing up with creativity, coloured hues as per theme will allow you to make edgy wedding dreams come true.

Inserts you would need to add.

Most wedding invitations can be customized in one frame, including name, directions, theme and others. In contrast, others need layers to be incorporated for directions, wedding followed by reception venue, and others. When thinking of Acrylic wedding invitation cards, make sure you must have the notion of a clear budget and layers to be added. The more cards you employ, the more cost would increase for prints and designing too. Acrylic layers are a bit higher in costs than other stationery to spike the overall budget.

Usually, a wedding invitation is made of four pieces - a primary invitation card, reply card, reply envelope and out envelope. However, inserts are something beyond these four pieces. You need to consult your stationery or designer and explain the details you want to include. They would help you to fit the text in minimal space without overcrowding it. Cards should be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way and should not mess up the elegance of pieces.

Finalizing text

Once your design is done, you need to invest in wordings or messages you want to add. You could add whimsical, classical, formal, informal or any brace any other ideology that is up to you. But whatever route you steer, you should consider the basic elements that should not be overlooked in your invitations.

When etching text, rules are simple and straightforward, you need to include basic things like venue, host, date and time, name of couples and dress code. Keep it minimal, don't overstuff Acrylic wedding cards, or it would drab your invite. The text should not be simple; instead, it should be whirled and beautifully crafted to add some pizzazz to the invitation. Fonts should match the style; if you have an elegant wedding, go for calligraphy font; if you have casual, it's better to add some fun and playful hints. Thinking of going with a formal-meets-edgy theme, it's time to lift through acrylic and gold letterpress. Let your theme and personality outshine with a stunning modern calligraphic acrylic invitation.

Wrap and decorate it with some accessories.

Whether it is your stationery or its Acrylic wedding invitations, few embellishments, envelope liners, wax seals, ribbons, or bands help you add extra perks to your wedding invitation. Each of these would escalate its appearance and make it more statement for your wedding. You could dress it up with a silk ribbon of pastel shade or vellum brand or engrave it with a wax seal or customized insignia.

Using a gold foil envelope would add shine and elegance to your invitation suite. For a romantic touch, add blush-taupe envelopes or monogrammed envelopes to add a regal and timeless touch to your invitation suite. For destination wedding lovers, add vintage map liners to build excitement for your guests and preview the destination they would be travelling

Acrylic wedding invitations are available in frosted, transparent, mirrored, and most exquisite colours, including baby pink, gold, and others, from chic to luxurious elegant and timeless collections. Acrylic wedding invitations carry a charm of romantic and regal designs and promise to be wrapped in any wedding theme and style. Adorn it with pearls, diamante, motifs, broaches, ribbons or anything you want. These timeless pieces could add elegance when they are stand-alone or could augment their value and appearance when hooked with accessories, envelopes, metallic shades and others.

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