What Are Factors That Soar Up The Cost Of Transparent Wedding Invitations?

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While some have standards of blingy and shimmery wedding themes, some couples still opt for monochromatic palettes, acrylic details and clutter-free wedding invitations that would easily blend and accentuate your big gala day. No matter your needs and requirements, transparent wedding invitations online would inject glamour into your wedding and create captivating centerpieces for your guests. Wedding invitations have the potential to make your guests feel valued to join you and groove on your big day. Invitations can run the gamut when it comes to style, budget, formality and pricing. From simple DIY postcards to high-luxe invitation cards, there are attractive, affordable and myriad options for an invitation that can blend with your theme and style.

You must be wondering how much to spend on wedding invitation costs and tips to save the cost and retrieve affordable, beautiful transparent wedding invitations that match your style. 

How much does a wedding invitation cost?

On average, couples spend $500 to $2000 for 100 wedding invitations per the Wedding report. The cost could influence tons of factors, including style, fonts, envelopes and designs you have chosen, and quantity of invitation. Minor decisions like adding vellum paper or mailing transparent wedding cards can double or triple expenses when contrasted to another couple's spending.

Factors that contribute to wedding invitation costs

If you are trying to stick to a limited budget, you should understand the factors that would influence overall transparent wedding invitation costs. 

 Invitation Quantity

The primary reason that surges your costs or reduces is the quantity of invitation. Since the prices are relevant to more invitations you send, the costs will increase with your order. All the more reason for trimming down the guest list if you want to reduce the costs.

You don't need an invitation for every guest. Take a guest list and jot down how many houses need invitations; families would need one cohabiting couple would get one invitation, while the couple living apart, you could send one invite and include both names on it. However, for some, you could use e-invites for those residing overseas. 

 Adding a touch of personalization

 Add insignia, electing wax seals, wrapping with laser-cut envelopes, and more factors surge up the costs of transparent wedding invitation cards. A bespoke invitation could be designed as per your preference but would considerably add up to the cost along with the degree of time, labor, efforts and consultation they require. 


Acrylic is a rigid piece and can be added with a twist of a trend with distinctive geometrical shapes and numerous designs and options to enhance your selections. Playing with colors, patterns and shapes, your invitation would have hints of fun and captivating elements with these customized geometric designs. Usually, the standard size of an invitation is 4.5 inches, but a couple could channel more playful and modern vibes by adding circular, scalloped or other shapes. Transparent wedding cards could be paired with golden shimmery borders, beautifully engraved calligraphy or designed as per your theme of rustic or highly chic. From diamond shape to hexagonal and classic striking intricate laser-cut invitees, geometrically shaped invitations can add glam and modern elements to your wedding invitations.

With hugely diverse designs, geometric shapes and fonts options, you can accentuate your invitations by whirling fonts, coloured backdrops, glitter laser cut wrap that deliver ultimate luxe. 

 Size and thickness

High-quality transparent wedding invitations come in different sizes as per your preferences. Usually, two standard sizes are most commonly used - 5X5 inches or 6X6 inches with a standard thickness of ⅛ inch. However, the thickness could depend on your preferences; it could be 1mm, 2mm or 3mm. In addition, many complex acrylic wedding invitations incorporate layers of multiple pieces to create amazing layered effects. For example, some transparent wedding invitations are designed with two layers and added dried florals, green Moses, glitters, or any other element in between to accentuate the theme.

Some cool and quirky touch invitations involve layering with caricature or venue silhouettes, totally setting the mood while creating an overall luxe look. But, of course, each of the customized options, layering, sizes and accessories added would shoot up the expenses.

 Envelopes Liner or Vellum Wrap

Acrylic suites include envelope liner or vellum paper, which the manufacturer highly recommends. Adding envelope liner or vellum papers adds a layer of protection and strengthens the durability of the envelope. Beyond the sense of protection, envelope liners add a pretty personal touch or formal factor. For transparent invitations, adding an extra color would amp your style and contribute simple yet striking effects.

Enveloper liners are used for practical purposes too. For example, it can illustrate the couple's monogram, display the couple's name and wedding date, provide name and address, and sets the tone for the wedding with a casual and colorful pattern.


As transparent wedding cards are rigid, not flexible like traditional paper invitations, they do not qualify for standard mail; they need extra care. Each transparent invitation has to be mailed as a parcel instead of a post. While the process is the same, the acrylic or transparent cards would require more postage. The amount of postage relies on weight, size and thickness. Weight a sample invitation along with enclosures and envelopes would help you estimate the costs. Usually, the wedding invitations are 5 X 7, but if you do anything more significant or different with a shape, you will run with additional postage costs. 

Acrylic comes with lots of different options, but transparent or clear is the most iconic one. You could choose frosted, black, white or mirror gold acrylics too, as per your requirement. Foliage letters, coloured backdrops, motifs, broaches, designer edges, glitter, laser-cut laces are other factors that promote extra expenses.

Again, transparent wedding invitations give you endless options, from a minimalist approach to highly sophisticated and luxury options. If you are budget constraints, talk with your designer, he would help you give out the best options for your wedding invitation card. Also, we have added a few factors to consider to lower your wedding invitation costs. 


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