Q: How much does shipping cost?

Ans: We offer free shipping on all real orders and free shipping is currently available for the United States. If you are ordering wedding invitations from other countries like Australia, New Zealand and UK, you will be charged additional shipping fee.

Q: How can I track my orders? 

Ans: Once we ship the order, we’ll notify you and will share a tracking code with you to track your order anytime you want. 

Q: Are the cards delivered on time? What happens if there is a delay?

Ans: We understand that the invitation card is needed before the wedding and not after it. Keeping this in mind, we always deliver on time no matter what. We have an exceptional record of giving the best customer service, and we don't plan to deviate from our track record.

Q: Do You Accept Sample Orders?

Ans: Yes, we accept orders for the sample set of wedding invitations. You can simply navigate to the product and select Sample Set from the “Product Quantity”. 

Q. What shipping methods do you use?

Ans: We have partnerships with different courier companies around the globe that includes DHL and FedEx. The Shipping Method depends on the delivery address however we select the best shipping method so assured that your invitation package will reach you quickly and safely.

Our Process & Prices

Q: What is the process to order wedding invitation cards?

Ans: We have a relatively simple process of ordering the wedding invitations. All you have to do is select a design, share your preferences and ideas, choose your material, finalize your design and get the cards delivered to your doorstep.

Q: What is the price range of the Wedding Invitation cards?

Ans: The price range varies from product to product. There are some materials which cost more while there are some cards which are a little challenging to make. So, depending on the product that you choose and the way you decide it should be made will determine the cost of the wedding invitation cards. Irrespective of anything, we will make sure that you don't spend a single extra penny than what is needed.

Q: What is the minimum period that we need to deliver?

Ans: Well, we'd prefer if you give us as much time as you can, but we understand that these things can be a last-minute spur. So, we can discuss the needs and requirements whenever you need the card so that a mutually beneficial timeline can be agreed upon.

Q: What other products than wedding cards do we offer?

Ans: While we specialise in wedding invitation cards of various forms and designs, we also have a range of related accessories and even the digital wedding cards. You can browse the catalogue on our home page.

Q: Do You Offer Envelopes at additional cost?

Ans: We offer free envelopes without any additional cost on all Wedding Invitations!! If you need extra outer envelopes, simply request for additional outer envelopes while placing the order.

Q: Can I customize the Color, Font and Size of the invitation? 

Ans: You can customize the color and font of the invitations, you can simply contact us before placing an order to make all the customization. You can simply put that in the Special Instructions when placing the order and our designers will create proofs according to your requirements. Once we have proof ready, we will send an email for your approval!! 

Q: How Do I order quantities which are not available in the main Quantity Box? 

Ans: If you need additional quantities of the wedding invitations that are not available in main quantity box, please email as at info@yourweddinginvitations.com or Call us at: +1 (832)426 3842