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Regardless, the season or size, Acrylic wedding invitations are a sure way to set the most exciting and memorable life events. 

My Printman not only conveys the basic information about the celebration, but they are shades of your final artwork (theme). An invitation should spell out essential wedding information and should have the power to touch the emotions and recreate the ambience of your wedding theme. Every group of engaged couples have a different style and theme to be set on their gala day. For some, a sniff of whimsical touch while others' tone of classical or flair of bohemian theme harmonizes their style. The Acrylic wedding invitations are the perfect canvas to add strokes of creativity and flaunt their elegance and flair. 

It's time to ditch the traditional wedding invitation, plain white background, black cursive writing and ornate border, embrace the voguish and latest acrylic wedding ceremony invitations that stand out. From strokes of creativity to strands of abstract designs and everything in between, modern wedding invitees have augmented their level and starkly look different from those in the past few years. 

Though you might find the Acrylic invitations concept as subtle yet modernized, overpowering it with embellishments, accessories and high tones might prove it to be dreadful if not incorporated right. Though every invitation has its own nature and incarnation to set it elegantly and details poured in, but you should look out for some of the factors that would add a tinge of sophistication and glamour subtly in your wedding invitation cards.


The grace of clear Acrylic lies in its adaptability and versatility. Acrylic being a plastic material, gives a feel of glass and adds durability. Acrylic invitations could be wrapped as per super-luxe design or dressed down in a minimalist approach. The versatile piece could complement every wedding theme and style. Modern weddings are more inclined towards the trend of Acrylic due to its excellent adaptable factor. It could be softened by incorporating moss, sand, florals, sparkles, or any other elements or added gorgeous colour and stunning etchings such as floral prints and foil engravings. 

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated, elegant look or a stylish blingy look, acrylic invitations serve the purpose without possessing the risk of being kitschy or messy.

Geometric Shapes 

Geometric shapes serve modern and wow-worthy purposes; if you fancy something contemporary and want to add oomph to your invitations, get hexagonal and oval-shaped invitations. Geometrically shaped invitees are considered to have the most appealing and high sense of style and minimalism; however, it adds a touch of boldness and creativity to any pieces. Gold or white borders added on the geometric shapes create highly appealing visual effects and give a cohesive design to your thematic invitees. Just a simple geometric structure would enhance the beauty of engraved words, flowers and create a stunning visual impact.

Colour palettes

Though Acrylic is clear, you could adorn and add a sense of glitzy and classy. You could either get strokes of colours or fully immerse in it by creating a shadow of your choice. For Bohemaninan, you could add leaves and flowers to reflect your theme on a clear base. You could inject moments of personal touch and include a landscape sketch of your wedding venue, caricature of the couple and photo displays. Whether you want to add an emotional moment or want to help your big day feel more like you, adding colourful palettes and customized sketches can infuse more up-close and personal to your invitations.


Incorporate letterpress, blind embossing, custom monograms, hand-painted illustrations, foil stamping, edge painting can take invitation design to the next level. From invitation envelopes to favour tags, handwritten calligraphy would give a luxe and elegant look. From an elegant choice of dramatic swoops and graceful lines to elongated lines and small defined curves, fonts naturally gravitate casual styling and swashy formal invite. The brush-hued invitation suite is a blend of watercolour accents, deckled edges; gold leaf accents create an inspiring piece to oomph a genuinely luxurious affair.

Ink and foil theme boasts clean lines, minimalist aesthetic with a neoclassical serif that combines elegance and modernity. You choose between gold, silver, rose, gold foil and glitzy silver ink that are perfect for a modern fete.      

Laser Cut Acrylic Invitations

One look, and you would fall in love with laser cut wedding invites. Laser-cut acrylic wedding cards have soared in popularity, and there are no signs of ageing or going back.  Laser-cut wedding invitations have endless possibilities of shapes, designs and styles, from vintage to English country garden laser cut beautifully intricate and pretty designs elevate the style with minimum efforts. The sky is the limit, from outlining your favourite partner place to gold and silver monograms and laser-cut envelopes, laser cut invitees translate a touch of fancy to luxe in invitation card in no time.


 From simple to highly sophisticated luxe, envelopes are quintessential demand to accompany your wedding invitations. Envelopes wrapped around your invitations stand out like nothing else. From endless choices of velvets to paper, square or rectangular, with or without pockets, the envelopes could be personalized with your insignia of motifs to broaches to give a more polished look. Choose the contrasting laser cut or velvet envelopes that make your invitation set splash out on something unique and glammy.

 How much does the Acrylic invitation cost?

 Unlike any other invitation suite, acrylic invitation options might vary. A simple printed acrylic invitation would easily settle under any budget, but if you want more luxury and modern options with multiple pieces and layered effects, the invitation costs might soar up. Some of the easiest cheapest options could be cut with a saw blade, with higher quality finishes could range from laser cuts to edge polishers. 

The range could fluctuate as per the complexity, finish, embellishments, decor and many other factors. You must consider $50 as a minimum for acrylic invitations per piece. 

Transparent wedding invitations are gorgeous with a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. They could be sleek, minimalist options, discuss your design goals with the designer and ask for the suggestion to fit your wedding best aesthetic. From formal wordings to a touch of colour, these Acrylic wedding invitations are sure to set the scene for a dreamy wedding.

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