Tips for Wedding invitations in 2021

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It’s already a wedding season, and yes, it’s the right time for you to think about your wedding invitations. It’s the last month and 2021 is right at our footsteps, the new wedding season is arriving. So, before deciding, you must know that glass and clear wedding invitations are in a trend. Now, in this article, we will clear all your queries regarding the glass and clear wedding invitations in movement.

We can see the rising trend of clear invitations all over the social media, wedding blogs, and also in emails. You will have a “WOW” factor after having the invitation card in your hand. Also, if you are looking for formal wedding invitations, literally, then glass and clear is the best choice for you!

What makes glass and clear wedding invitations so great?

  • Fresh new beautiful designs: The glass and clear wedding invitations are beautifully and elegantly made of a transparent vinyl stock. They are printed with beautiful bright ink. Also, they are much easier to handle, and you can also easily mail them that will be cheaper than most of the Acrylic invitations. Moreover, these invitations are light-weighted and super chic.

  • Sure to Stand-Out: When it comes to your wedding, you need to stand out, so by ordering the exact wedding invites the way for it. Also, remember to order a sample before ordering. Also, you can add coloured paper in the background, which will be super creative. Or, to give your glass and clear wedding invitations a gorgeous look, you can add greenery or even glitter behind your clear white invitations.

It will give one-of-a-kind for your guests by it’s a fresh and unique look. Also, these are scratch-resistant, and they can keep them for several years.
These are of two different styles- one is frosted, and the other is clear. You will be able to see the appearance of vellum in the frosted one with a soft frosted look, while glass and clear wedding invitations are entirely transparent.

Everything about an invitation Card

Suppose you have already finalized your wedding day, and guest list. You must make sure that your recipients get the full picture of your announcement.
Things that you must not forget –

What the card is about: You must make it clear that you are sending a wedding invitation, in one way or another. You’ll get tons of patterns and words to express.

People involved: It’s intuitive to mention the name of the bride and groom, but there are people that you must say. It would be best if you also adequately addressed the envelope so that the guests can get a clue on who’s invited.

Planning the wedding venue: It is essential to list the name of your ceremony venue, and what city and state it’s in. You can also give the full address of the platform, or can also add a map.

Add important dates and times: Dates are crucial to mention in an invitation card. You must include the dates, including the year of your wedding. It would help if you also said the time, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If your reception doesn’t immediately follow the ceremony, you can also add the time of the reception in it.

First impression is the last impression. So the wedding invitations that you will be providing to your guests to ensure the appropriate attention to have a blissful memory, and enjoy your special day.

The invitation card will reflect you and your fiancé as a couple. So, you must not try to choose a cheap invitation card for your guests. Try to choose a unique, elegant and beautiful card. If you want to give your unique idea to the wedding cards, then you must take the help of a professional for that and then design. As the professionals have experience in creating a cohesive design, choosing styles or colours, also they have extensive knowledge regarding the printing methods.

Most importantly, your wedding invitations must go two months before the wedding date, if the guests are within the country where you would get married. If it is a destination wedding, then the invitation should go out closer to 3 months.

Another important tip, you must not crowd the card. If you can list out essential keys on your invitation card as we have already mentioned above. It can make the card harder to read, if you try to squeeze too much into it, that won’t look elegant.

Also, you must triple check the information before you order the invitation card to print. Ask for a hard copy and ask your English significant friend or grammar-savvy bridesmaid to check before you finalize it. It would be best if you borrowed a few tips from copy editors so that you don’t accidentally gloss over mistakes. And, don’t forget to stamp on it, as it seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget.

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