The Complete Guide to Choosing a Wedding Invitation & Why Acrylic is the Ideal Choice

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The Different Types of Wedding Invitations, from Traditional to Modern

The invitations are the first impression for your guests. They are an important detail of your wedding, and if you are considering a DIY project, this is one of the most challenging tasks.

Below are all the different types of invitations available for you to pick from, depending on whether you want to keep it traditional or go for a more modern look.

Different Types of Wedding Invitations and What to Consider When Deciding Yours

When deciding what type of wedding invitations to choose, there is a wide variety of options. There is the more traditional invitation with a photo and text, or an informal post card-style invitation that includes minimal details and is handwritten.

The type of invitation you decide on will depend on your budget, preferences and how much information you want to share. For example if you are having a destination wedding people may not be able to attend due to the distance so an informal post card-style invitation is more desirable.

The couple will need to make their decision on who will be the primary contact. The bride's name goes in the upper left corner and the groom's name goes in the lower left corner. The recipient's address should be included in this section as well as their title if applicable.

What is Acrylic and Why it's the Best Option for Your Wedding Invitation?

Acrylic is a fantastic choice for your wedding invitation. It can be engraved with detail, is lightweight and durable, and has a classic look that will never go out of style.

There are many advantages to acrylic wedding invitations. Acrylic is light weight so it won't add any additional weight to your welcome bags for the attendees - which can be beneficial when you have guests coming from far away. Acrylic is also very durable so it will last for generations to come in the event that you are planning on passing down your wedding invitation down the line in the family. Acrylic also has a classic look that never goes out of style making it perfect if you want to keep your design timeless.

How to Choose the Right Size of Your Acrylic Wedding Invitation Card?

Size of the card is an important factor in determining how to choose the right size of your acrylic wedding invitation card. The traditional sizes are 3.5 x 5 inches, 4 x 6 inches, and 5 x 7 inches. The suggested size for a wedding invitation is 4x6 inches. It is more than enough for all of your information to be printed on it with ease. A smaller size may not be able to hold everything you need so you will have to trim it down which can lead to blurry edges on your photo or text. A larger size may not fit into the envelope which will inevitably cause some invitations to get crumpled or torn in transit or be thrown away because of their large size.

The difference between 3 inch wide and 2 inch wide invitations is mainly aesthetic;

Many people believe that the difference between 3 inch wide and 2 inch wide invitations is mainly aesthetic, but there are definite benefits to using a 2 inch invitation. The main advantage is that more text can be printed on the invitation, and this text will be displayed in a larger typeface. This is an important consideration for those with vision impairments or who cannot read small typefaces.

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